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Bob McCollar
International Business Development Manager


Because 95 percent of the world’s customers live outside the U.S., companies that don’t export cannot reach their full potential. If you want to expand your customer base, you learn how to sell your product or service in other countries.

A number of Loudoun businesses are already doing just that. Right now, Loudoun exports amount to about $2 billion of Loudoun’s $21 billion economy.

You may know about the larger exporters in Loudoun, such as Airbus, Fortessa and Rehau, but you may not be as aware of all the smaller companies that are finding new customers overseas. Loudoun small businesses are exporting everything from mobile apps and business consulting services (yes, you can export your expertise) to wine, whiskey and women’s skincare products.

Last week Loudoun Economic Development hosted an event to highlight Loudoun exporters and show participants how to become more successful in exporting their products and services. Our speakers included:

  • Ellen Meinhart, International Trade Specialist with Virginia Economic Development Partnership;
  • Federico Manno, Vice President International Investment, Fulton Bank;
  • Tammie Umbel, CEO of Shea Terra Organics;
  • Sachin Shah, President and CEO of Sachin Steel;
  • Aaron Miller, Vice Chairman of the District Export Council.

Ellen spoke about the programs that the state of Virginia offers businesses to help promote sales and market penetration overseas.

Federico talked about how he helps businesses with financing options for their overseas expansions/investments.

Tammie discussed how she found success exporting skin care products overseas to South Korea, Kuwait, and various Middle East countries.

Sachin exports steel all over the world, and members of the audience were surprised to learn that Loudoun has a successful steel exporting business.

Aaron introduced the audience to the Export Council, and the various programs he participates in to educate people on exporting regulations and financing options, including Export University Programs.

If you missed the event but are interested in finding out how to successfully export your product or service, contact Ellen Meinhart.

If you have an international business and are looking to expand into Loudoun, please contact me.


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