Loudoun Small Business Week: 16 Ways to Help Companies Grow

Orbital ATK, K2M and FCi Federal (now PAE) all started in their founders’ homes in Loudoun County, Virginia.

They went from small startups to companies with global impacts. Loudoun Economic Development wants to acknowledge the importance of Loudoun companies that currently have 20 employees or fewer; these businesses make up 86 percent of employers in the county.

The department is partnering with several organizations to offer Loudoun Small Business Week, which will be held May 14-20.

“Loudoun has everything a startup needs to succeed,” said Executive Director Buddy Rizer. “We package it in a way that makes it easy for companies to access info and resources during Small Business Week.”

The week features 16 events that allow entrepreneurs to meet and learn from business owners who’ve achieved the next level of success in their industry.

See Full Small Business Week Calendar

“This is a great opportunity to learn first-hand from people who’ve been where you are, and built their business up to the level you want to achieve,” said Loudoun Small Business Week organizer Vanessa Wagner, the small business and entrepreneurship manager for Loudoun Economic Development.

Workshops will cover topics such as how to find advisors and mentors; marketing, sales and packaging strategies; how to hire the right employees, and how to get more customers through exporting products outside the U.S.

The week begins on Monday, May 14 with a full-day conference, and ends on Saturday and Sunday, May 19-20 with the Spring Farm Tour. Tuesday through Friday, May 15-18, will feature workshops and networking events.

For details about speakers, locations and the Loudoun Small Business Week app, go to LoudounSBW.org.


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