Celebrating Loudoun’s ‘Personal Touch’ on Sous Vide Lane

Brian Tinsman
Digital Properties Manager


“I want to thank Loudoun County for being so forward-looking and having the personal touch,” said Cuisine Solutions CEO Stanislas Vilgrain, standing next to a shrouded street sign. “This is not about the money or the subsidies — this is about the personal touch.

“That’s what makes a huge difference for us.”

With a gentle tug of the red Cuisine Solutions cloth, a new street sign was revealed at what had been 1501 Moran Road in Sterling. Moving forward, Cuisine Solutions’ global headquarters can be found at 22445 Sous Vide Lane.

“It’s that personal touch that this county brings that a lot of other counties don’t,” explained Broad Run Supervisor Ron Meyer. “When we met with them and tasted the food … they said, ‘You know what we’d really love? Sous Vide Lane. That’s what we’d really like.’

“A lot of times, counties hear that sort of thing and laugh it off. But our office … got to work with Chris Hunter in [Loudoun] Economic Development and Buddy Rizer and said, ‘We’re going to get this done because of your incredible investment in our county.’”

Economic Development gif cuisine solutions sous vide

Combined with a modest $180,000 financial incentive, “personal touch” is what it took to secure the investment of more than 63,000 square feet of additional space, 700 new jobs and close to $70 million in equipment, technology and construction to the facility.

“It’s a big endeavor for us, a big investment,” Vilgrain said. “Cuisine Solutions has grown drastically for us in the last few years and Loudoun County has been a big help.

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have the street named after the technology that we use in what we do,” he said before quipping: “now if we could get ‘Sous Vide [Metrorail] Station,’ I’m all for it.”

Cuisine Solutions’ processing facility in Virginia was the first sous-vide operation in the United States. Today, Cuisine Solutions supplies sous vide cuisine to fine restaurants, premier hotels, first-class airlines and cruise lines, the military, and passionate home chefs.

The mark of scientific consistency is clear: after decades in business, the company has never had to recall any products.

Chief scientist Dr. Bruno Goussault is recognized in both the culinary and scientific world as “the father of sous-vide” for his work pioneering and innovating the cooking technique. In the fall of 2017, Goussault was named one of the 100 greatest visionaries by The Einstein Legacy Project.

Distinguished chefs such as Thomas Keller, Mark Miller and Daniel Boulud have relied on Cuisine Solutions’ expertise in developing their own sous-vide recipes. In fact, more than 80 percent of Michelin-starred chefs have received personal sous-vide training at Cuisine Solutions.


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