Loudoun Again Ranked Healthiest Virginia County

Brian Tinsman
Digital Properties Manager


For the third year in a row, Loudoun County has been ranked healthiest in Virginia by County Health Rankings & Roadmaps.

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The program is backed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and takes a look at a range of weighted factors within length of life and quality of life, including:

  • health behaviors;
  • clinical care;
  • social and economic factors;
  • physical environment.

Loudoun ranks first in Virginia for quality of life, ranking among the best in the U.S. in areas like:

  • High access to exercise opportunities (94 percent);
  • High rate of high school graduations (93 percent);
  • Low adult obesity (22 percent);
  • Low adult smoking (11 percent);
  • Low rate of medically uninsured (7 percent);
  • Low rate of children in poverty (4 percent);
  • Low unemployment (3.2 percent).

Just 12 percent of Loudoun residents are considered to be in poor or fair health, which is well below the state average of 16 percent.

This year, childhood poverty was a point of emphasis, according to Michelle Larkin, the foundation’s associate chief of staff.

“The reason that we pay close attention to that, is that poverty really limits the opportunities and increases the chance of poor health,” she told WTOP, “both for our children but also as those children come into young adulthood.

“Where we live matters to our health, so we look at things like education, jobs, children living in poverty as well as access to health care providers, obesity rates and those types of things.”

Loudoun ranks second in Virginia for life expectancy, with a rate of premature death (before age 75) that is nearly half of Virginia’s average, and well below other top U.S. counties.

Health care is also big business in Loudoun, employing 12 percent of the county’s workforce.

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