Loudoun Farmer Trading Cards Back by Popular Demand

Get your farmer trading card collections ready! Loudoun farmer trading cards are back – and will be distributed to Loudoun County Public School children the week after spring break. This year will offer the opportunity to collect the third set of trading cards.

The cards feature eight farmers:

  • Doug Fabbioli – The New Ag School;
  • Casey Wisch – Long Stone Farm;
  • Crazy Farmer Jeff – Breezy Meadows Farms;
  • Donald Virts – CEA Farms;
  • John Bailey – Woodtrail Graziers;
  • Attila Agoston – Mountain View Farm;
  • Josh Cockerill – Fort Bacon Farm;
  • Kelly Foltman – Dunthorpe Farm and Veterinary Service.

“Agricultural businesses have a multi-million-dollar economic impact in Loudoun,” said Economic Development Executive Director Buddy Rizer. “It’s great to recognize the important work of these business owners.”

Loudoun Economic Development partners with Loudoun County Public Schools on the cards.

“We want students to know about the farming profession and how essential it is to their health and daily lives,” said the Director of School Nutrition, Dr. Becky Domokos-Bays. “The farmer trading cards are one way to help build the agriculture workforce of the future.”

Several of the farmers featured on the cards will make personal appearances at Loudoun elementary schools to sign their trading cards. Kellie Hinkle, the agricultural business development officer, explained that the kids react to the farmers like superstars.

“In 2016, Tyler Wegmeyer of Wegmeyer Farms was featured on one of our cards. His son took some of Tyler’s farmer cards to school, and was able to trade one for a Tom Brady card.”  It is a great sign when a program like this elevates agriculture and farming to the same level of popularity as the NFL and a Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

The award-winning Farmer Trading Card program has generated so much excitement that the cards have been featured in local, regional and national media. School systems in other states have replicated the trading card program for their own communities.

Entrepreneurs interested in becoming part of the Loudoun farming community can call 1-800-LOUDOUN.