Economic Development Adds More Jobs for Loudoun Economy

By March 19, 2018March 26th, 2018Blog, Featured

Brian Tinsman
Digital Properties Manager


Every day without a job can feel like an eternity for a professional. Every day without the right person filling a job can set a business further behind.

As a department, we help fix both of these problems.

Already in fiscal year 2018 (which runs July 1 – June 30), businesses we’ve worked with have added or retained more than 3,800 jobs here in Loudoun County.

This surpasses the internal goal of 3,000 jobs for the entire fiscal year, and builds on the more than 10,000 jobs added during the previous three years.

Even as Loudoun County’s population continues to grow, unemployment stays low because of rapid job growth from county businesses. At 2.7 percent, Loudoun’s unemployment numbers are even well below the figures for Virginia (3.4 percent) and the United States as a whole (3.9 percent).

But there are still more jobs to be created, and plenty of excellent candidates to fill them.

Nearly 60 percent of Loudoun’s workforce has a Bachelor’s degree or higher, which makes Loudoun rank seventh in the U.S. for large counties. Yet only half of Loudoun’s workforce actually works in the county—the rest commutes to other jurisdictions.

We’re working to bring Loudoun’s workforce home, pairing them with businesses in the county that are ready to grow.

Are you tired of the long commutes, carpools, $40 one-way tolls and daily grind? Then save the date for Wednesday, April 4, 2018 for the second annual Hire Loudoun career fair, at the Washington Dulles Airport Marriott hotel.

This year’s event will be held in a larger space in order to accommodate more businesses, more candidates, and more future jobs. You can RSVP for the event right here.

Here’s to more jobs, shorter commutes and a better quality of life for Loudoun’s workforce.


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