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By March 8, 2018Blog, Small Biz
loudoun county tennis academy

Jeanise Rosado
Guest Blog, LCTA League Coordinator/Coach


After supporting my husband for about 10 years with the Luis Rosado Tennis Academy, I made the decision to start a “sister” Academy.

In 2016, I founded the Loudoun County Tennis Academy, focusing on facilitating the first middle school tennis league offered for our community. The inspiration came from my oldest daughter, who was a rising sixth grader and about to start middle school.

We had recently moved from another part of the county and she had only three friends that were attending her new school. I suggested she join a sports team from her school to meet other girls, but there were only two options available for her.

I knew I was not the only mother in the county who wished for more options for her daughter, and I also knew there are other young tennis players looking for a tennis league to join.

After initiating the first middle school tennis league in Loudoun County, with long days, many meetings, and working with various agencies and individuals, our first fall team tennis season was a success!

But that’s not the best part—I want to share something I discovered. I discovered that there is an amazing undercurrent of local supportive business women within Loudoun County.

I would not have been privy to this knowledge had I not taken the risk to start this new venture. I wish I had known beforehand that I would not be alone when I jumped into this unfamiliar territory, that when I landed, other women just like me would be reaching out to help me keep my balance, pulling me up when I was down, and that there were women who had my back when others might try to push me out of the way.

It is interesting the way the support is delivered by local business women.

For me and my academy, the support has come in the form of an all-women marketing firm, business introductions, meeting up to discuss future projects, new ideas, having coffee to go over strategies/suggestions, collaborating for events, sponsorships and having a plus-one for a conference.

That type of support has been great for the growth of my business. But I am only human.

I have come to realize that the friendships created along the way, the understanding, the text messages, emails of encouragement are equally as important for the progress of my business and self.

To any woman out there thinking of starting a business or has an idea, I can’t speak for other places but I know for a fact that here in Loudoun County, you will meet supportive business women, county government departments with resources, and our chamber of commerce that is here to assist you.

Trust the process, enjoy the journey and you will align with the right people.


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