Loudoun Wins New $1 Billion Data Center Investment

Brian Tinsman
Digital Properties Manager


Loudoun County’s reputation as the home of the Internet got stronger this week, as Vantage Data Centers announced the acquisition of 42 acres in Ashburn, with plans for a $1 billion, 1 million-square-foot data center campus.

“Vantage is a premier data center provider and we’re excited that they’ve made such a significant entry into the Loudoun data center market,” said Loudoun Economic Development Executive Director Buddy Rizer. “Loudoun remains the largest and most important data center location in the world, and I’m looking forward to working with Mr. Choksi and his team as they build their own #LoudounPossible success story.”

This is the first data center for Vantage outside of the West Coast and is a direct reflection of the value of being in Data Center Alley.

“We are very excited to expand beyond the west coast to a third market, with our largest data center campus to date. Northern Virginia is a vital and strategic market for our customers and company,” said Vantage President and CEO Sureel Choksi in the company’s press release. “Vantage’s expansion to Northern Virginia is in direct response to demand from our cloud and large technology enterprise customers, who have expansion plans on the east coast.”

The data center will be located on the grounds of the former AOL campus in Ashburn and provides a second life for the property after AOL was acquired by Verizon.

The proposed timeline for the project is to have a groundbreaking ceremony in early 2018 and completion of the first phase of construction by the first quarter of 2019. With 108 megawatts of power, this is Vantage’s most powerful data center campus to date.

The term “Data Center Alley” comes from having the world’s largest concentration of data centers. More than 70 percent of the world’s Internet traffic passes through Loudoun’s digital infrastructure, making us a key player in the world’s technology economy.

Loudoun County is home to more than 10.5 million square feet of data centers, housing data for more than 3,000 companies within.

Each year, the industry contributes more than $150 million to the Loudoun County tax base, nearly 10 percent of the county’s operating budget. This has helped defray the costs of infrastructure upgrades like new schools and roads.

Since 2008, not a day has gone by in which there wasn’t data center construction in Loudoun County. This has created thousands of construction jobs, which have helped support Loudoun restaurants and hotels.

After data centers open, they provide high-paying jobs for Loudoun residents and support an industry that provides more than 10,000 jobs for the region’s workforce.

This type of project is also ripe for the county’s Fast-Track Commercial Incentive Program, which allows data center operators and other business owners get to market in record time.

Last year alone, this program helped bring $2.7 billion worth of new commercial investment to the county, as well as 2,351 jobs and nearly six million square feet of development.


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  • RB says:

    Why do you use light grey fonts? They are hard to read for many people!

  • Matt says:

    Here in NOVA most people refer to this as “Server Valley”.

    As was quoted previously, “Northern Virginia’s ‘Server Valley’ is the 21st century east coast tech explosion counterpart to the 20th century west coast ‘Silicon Valley’.”

  • Chris says:

    Looking for who the General Contractor might be on this project?
    Any subcontractors that were awarded scopes of work?

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