Loudoun Business Shined Bright During Eclipse

Brian Tinsman
Digital Properties Manager


Solar eclipses cross the face of the earth roughly once every 18 months. Unfortunately for us here in Loudoun, most of those can only be seen over the ocean and in countries outside the U.S.

The August 2017 eclipse was the perfect equation for Loudoun County, which fell within the range of 80 percent totality. That level of eclipse may be once in a lifetime, and a number of Loudoun County businesses made the most of its marketing potential.

Here are three ways that entrepreneurs marketed their businesses during the eclipse:

Value Added

Special eclipse glasses were essential for safely viewing the sun, and the market was flooded with knock-offs and fakes. Recognizing the shortage of certified safety glasses, some businesses like Delirium Café offered free glasses with a purchase, and Inova Loudoun Hospital offered free glasses to children and their families.

Play on Words

Molar eclipse? Galactic jeans? Why not! Dentists and clothing boutiques don’t have a traditional connection to eclipses, but businesses like Hancock Orthodontics and Madisonbelle found a way to connect themselves anyway.

Special Deals

Fabbioli Cellars was one of the first Loudoun businesses to begin marketing the eclipse, putting together a package of wine and viewing glasses for a discounted rate. This ensured that customers wouldn’t need to watch the eclipse on premises to still benefit from the promotion.

Here’s a slideshow of some of the best promotions by Loudoun businesses:

These companies and organizations did a great job of leveraging the galactic rarity of a solar eclipse to drive business in 2017.

For businesses that couldn’t leverage the eclipse for sales, there was still a chance to market proximity to the eclipse.

Many Loudoun businesses and organizations had viewing parties right outside of the office, and took pictures of staffers gazing skyward.

Others, like Raytheon, Willowsford Farm and Georges Mill Farm offered unique perspectives on the historic eclipse. Check out some of the best viewing pictures from Loudoun businesses here:

If you missed out on the eclipse, you might not get another chance to market one in Loudoun County. But major sporting, political, societal and galactic events happen all the time, providing entrepreneurs with a chance to present their businesses in a different light.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and seize your eclipse moment.

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