For-Profit School Finds New Home in Loudoun

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Brian Tinsman
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“We are a for-profit school hoping the county treats us as a business,” said Jo Thoburn, president and CEO of Fairfax Christian School.

That’s exactly what Loudoun County did, working with the pre-K through high school institution, previously located in Fairfax County, to find a new home in Dulles.

“When we were looking for property, we looked hard in Fairfax County. Then we started looking in Loudoun County,” Thoburn explained. “So the first thing I did was call one of my oldest and dearest friends, Supervisor Suzanne Volpe.”

Thoburn credited Volpe, the Algonkian District representative to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, with being her liaison to the county, creating connections between government departments and private entities that could make this move possible.

“This is truly going to be a feather in our cap, to have this prestigious institution here in Loudoun County,” Volpe said. “On behalf of my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors and everyone in Loudoun County, we are so grateful for your vision, for your willingness to look at Loudoun County, and of course your investment into Loudoun County.”

In 2015, Fairfax Christian School was listed among Virginia’s Top 100 Private High Schools by, placing ninth overall. Its location near Dulles International Airport is beneficial to the large percentage of foreign-born students in the student body.

As of 2014, nearly 30 percent of the school’s current students hailed from Loudoun County, making the move to Dulles a no-brainer. The school is currently split between two smaller campuses in Fairfax County, making daily logistics and long-term expansion difficult.

The goal is to unite the entire student body under one roof. The new facility plans include 30 classrooms, a collaborative space, a library, a gymnasium, golf practice facilities and an outdoor soccer facility.

“This is a great investment in Loudoun County and we’re so excited for this,” said Loudoun Economic Development Executive Director Buddy Rizer. “This is a great day for Loudoun County.”



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