Chris Hunter
Business Retention Manager


“How do I find an ideal career opportunity that significantly reduces my brutal daily commute?” If you’ve asked yourself this question, you’re certainly not alone.

While many Northern Virginia natives have grown accustomed to a lifetime toiling through stand-still traffic and road-rage induced self-mantras, more recent transplants probably wouldn’t be shocked to hear that employees across the D.C. metropolitan area endure the second-largest national average work commute each day.

A 2017 study by the U.S. Census Bureau (released by WTOP) indicates that D.C. metro employees on average experience a 32.2 minute one-way work commute. Sound familiar? If so, then you’ll be troubled to hear that TIME Health reported that a daily commute greater than 10 miles each way can lead to a rise of blood sugar levels, higher cholesterol, and higher tendency toward depression, anxiety and social isolation.

As a recovering two-hour+ daily commuter, there’s not a drive-through fast food establishment between Ashburn and D.C. along my former work route that didn’t serve as a base for emotional eating along the journey. While I didn’t think there was an answer to my work woes besides complex carbs and colorful language, I’m thrilled to inform you fellow long-distance Loudoun commuters of a happier, healthier and more beneficial solution: Hire Loudoun.

On Tuesday, April 25, Northern Virginia Community College’s Sterling Campus hosted the inaugural Hire Loudoun career fair, featuring more than two dozen of Loudoun’s largest tech-oriented employers with nearly 700 employment opportunities showcased by the participating organizations.

Job seekers currently experiencing too little (A.K.A. in bedroom slippers most of the day) or too far of a current commute were able to directly connect with Loudoun County’s fastest-growing businesses, representing a wide variety of high-wage, technologically advanced industry sectors.

“Thanks for sharing the good news about those who were able to attend, but how does this help me reduce my commute out of Loudoun?” you ask. Well, lucky for you and other local residents, Hire Loudoun was not a flash-in-the-pan, one-time opportunity.

The second rendition of this collaborative career fair is already in the works and targeted for fall of 2017, and will showcase an even greater number of local employers.

In the meantime, be sure to stay up-to-date with announcements from Loudoun County Economic Development, and consider exploring opportunities provided by the variety of local businesses looking to hire local, hire often and Hire Loudoun.

P.S. If you run a Loudoun business, are looking to expand, and haven’t connected with Loudoun Economic Development yet, email me or call me at 703-777-0479.

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