Fast-Track Commercial Incentive Program: Faster! Smoother! Smarter!

George Hoddinott
Development Process Manager


For many, the local development process can often be a daunting and tricky process to navigate, but it’s a critical function for local governments. To help alleviate uncertainty, Loudoun County created a non-cash incentive that is designed to streamline the development process.

So what’s it like to be a part of the Fast-Track Commercial Incentive Program? It’s like driving a Ferrari instead of a Honda Civic (no offense to fans of Hondas). Year-to-date, the average time it takes to the issuance of a grading permit is 64 days, which is like going from 0 to 64 mph in five seconds.

What sets Loudoun County’s program apart from the others? Projects within the program receive a dedicated Economic Development project manager who helps facilitate movement through the county’s development process; projects get moved to the head of the review lines throughout the entire process; a special review team works to ensure consistency, and an aggressive timeline reduces approval times.

How do industry experts feel about Loudoun’s Fast-Track Commercial Incentive Program? As just one example, here’s a statement from Mike Larkin, regional director of Merritt Properties:

“The Fast-Track program is a collaborative effort between county staff and the developers. As a result of this well-implemented program, we have enjoyed mutual success in gaining and retaining great businesses within Loudoun County.”

To see if your development project qualifies for the Fast-Track Commercial Incentive Program, or for other development process questions, please contact George Hoddinott by email or by calling 703-737-8274 today.


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