Droning On and On in Loudoun

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Brian Tinsman
Digital Properties Manager


Tim Tingler, who runs the aerial drone company Quest Knight Enterprises, is a regular at Loudoun’s 1 Million Cups meetings. On Wednesday, he presented to the group of entrepreneurs for the second time, asking them to spot the biggest difference in his presentation.

“Do you recognize anything about the size of the drones? They’re bigger,” he said with a grin, adding, “So are some of the opportunities. During the last few years there has been some helpful legislation, and things are starting to move out a little bit.”

Tingler is specifically referring to a change in FAA regulation that opened the door for greater recreational use of drones. From a business perspective, additional regulation still remains, but the steps to achieve certification have become easier to understand.

Whether that certification is achieved through Part 107 rule, Section 333 exemption, a pilot’s license or an airworthiness certificate, Tingler wants to help grow the small business and contractor opportunities for drones in Loudoun County.

“It’s not just me trying to do this,” he said. “My goal is to help others.”

That’s why Tingler and Quest Knight Enterprises are organizing sponsors for “Unmanned and Ready for Business,” a drone exhibition and panel event being offered during Loudoun Small Business Week, May 15-21.

The focus of the discussion is on navigating drone regulations and developing applications for drones in the intelligence, real estate, surveillance, agricultural and other industries.

What’s at stake? A global drone industry expected to be worth an estimated $127 billion annually by 2020, with 7 million unmanned systems – that includes drones used on land, sea and air. The U.S. is currently the world leader in the marketplace, controlling an estimate 35 percent of systems and development.

Already, drones shooting photos and video in 4K quality cost less than stand-alone cameras. With so much commercial and personal application, the drone industry is just now taking flight.

For more information and to register for “Unmanned and Ready for Business,” click here.

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