What Actually Happens When You Send a Tweet?

Buddy Rizer has spent a lot of time during his career on both sides of the microphone.


Lois Kirkpatrick
Marketing and Communications Manager

Did you know that 70 percent of the entire world’s Internet traffic passes through Loudoun County data centers every day?

Chances are, when you play hashtag games on Twitter, live-stream your wedding on Facebook, or document your latest workout on Instagram, your post travels through Data Center Alley in Ashburn, Virginia. Buddy Rizer, our executive director, explains:

“Every time that we put something on social media, that info is stored somewhere. When we watch a soccer match on our phones, or we’re reading a book online, all that information has to be stored, processed and distributed somewhere, and by and large, that is done in data centers.”

Buddy was interviewed by Aidan McCullen, the host of The Innovation Show, a podcast that’s broadcast from Ireland. Ashburn has become known internationally as the largest data center hub in the world, and Aidan talked to Buddy about the opportunities that brings. Listen now:

Listen to the Podcast


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