CyrusOne Finds Getting a Building Up in Record Time Is #LoudounPossible

By August 18, 2016December 6th, 2016Data Centers, Fast Track, Blog

Once upon a time, being good was good enough and being fast was fast enough.

But, in today’s business world, you often need to be both great and hyper-fast to succeed.

Last week, I was honored to attend a dinner celebrating the construction team responsible for building “Project Goliath” on the CyrusOne campus in Sterling. In order to meet the end-user’s timeline, CyrusOne, Hitt Contracting, Bowman Consulting, Loudoun County and many other partners constructed a world-class data center in 6 months, believed to be the fastest data center construction on record.

On December 16th, 2015, we all gathered around the DED Conference room and laid out a plan. On June 16th, 2016, a mere 180 days later, the building was service ready.

We believe a project of this scale at this speed is only #LoudounPossible because of teamwork. In Loudoun, we have a great group of professionals in Building and Development, Planning and Zoning, Transportation, the County Attorney’s office and Economic Development.

The entire county government pulls together as part of Loudoun’s Fast-Track Commercial Incentive Program with one goal…meeting the client’s timeline. I’m lucky to have partners like Kenny Young, Mike Seigfried, Ricky Barker, Joe Kroboth, Leo Rogers and their teams who understand that process efficiency can mean the difference between winning and losing deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economy.

Projects like this are also only possible because of the great work by partners like Loudoun Water, Dominion Virginia Power, VDOT and others. And projects like this are only possible when you are working with great businesses, consultants, engineers and contractors.

Last week, CyrusOne announced another new project, a 129,064-square-foot building in close proximity to the other CyrusOne campus. Kevin Timmons, chief technology officer, said in a statement that “Within just over a month, we were able to quickly identify a solution and purchase a new shell building within a highly constrained market. Given the unprecedented speed of our Massively Modular engineering capabilities, we expect to construct and commission a portion of the building as a data center for customer deployment before the end of the year.”

When the company asked if we could help them meet this aggressive schedule, I responded as I always do. “With the right team and the right place, it is 100 percent #LoudounPossible.”