15 Things That Happened When I Visited All of Loudoun’s Wineries

By August 11, 2016October 1st, 2018Blog, Rural/Agriculture News

Amy Mugford
Communications Program Manager


Grape stomping, blind tastings, chocolate pairings, live music and friendly conversations are all experiences I’ve had during my six-year journey visiting the 40 Loudoun wineries on the Visit Loudoun Wine Trail Guide. In addition to excellent wines, a wide variety of experiences can be found at Loudoun wineries. You can:

  • Take in the ambiance of Napa at Stone Tower;
  • Go back in time and learn about a family’s history at Zephaniah;
  • Enjoy chocolate pairings at 8 Chains;
  • Savor salsa with your wines at Cardamon Family Vineyards;
  • Pair wine with music at Notaviva Vineyards;
  • Have a green experience at Northgate Vineyards;
  • See beautiful Amish work at Sunset Hills;
  • Learn about the Leesburg bandits at Terra Nebulo;
  • Drink in a cave at Maggie Malick Wine Caves;
  • Chat with a parrot at Two Twisted Posts;
  • Tantalize your taste buds with mini food-tastings at Fabbioli Cellars;
  • Marvel at the breathtaking views at Hillsborough Vineyards and Bluemont Vineyards;
  • Climb the breathtaking silo at Creek’s Edge Winery;
  • Stomp grapes at Doukenie Winery’s fest days;
  • Experience Irish hospitality at Hunter’s Run Wine Barn.

These are merely a few activities at Loudoun wineries. While some have places for large groups, and others are ideal for small intimate groups, all cater to knowledgeable “wineauxs” and those of us just dabbling. Come out to Loudoun’s backyard and join me in supporting these wonderful Loudoun businesses.

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