“Being number one in new commercial investment is always an achievement. But being number one in back-to-back years is proof that Loudoun County has become a premier business location in the Commonwealth of Virginia,” says Buddy Rizer, Loudoun Economic Development’s executive director. SmartAsset, a New York-based financial technology company, has ranked Loudoun County #1 in investment in Virginia for the second year in a row.

The annual study ranked counties in four areas: (1) the growth in the number of businesses established in the county over a three-year time frame; (2) GDP growth in the local economy; (3) the number of new building permits per 1,000 homes, and (4) the total municipal bond debt raised by the county over the past five years, divided by the number of residents.

“Virginia is a pro-business state, with a number of strong jurisdictions. Ranking at the top of the commonwealth is testament to the unique assets that make companies want to start and grow in Loudoun County,” Rizer said. Those assets include:

• One of the top 10 international airports in America;
• Walkable, mixed-use developments 25 miles from the nation’s capital and 25 minutes from scenic farmland;
• Greenfield space near future Silver Line metro rail stations;• Access to the most educated population in the U.S.
• The largest and fastest-growing data center hub in the world.

“We have the workforce, business-friendly policies, fast-track permitting assistance and quality of life that make business success what we call #LoudounPossible,” Rizer said, noting that a wide diversity of companies in industries ranging from aviation, life sciences, craft beverages, data centers and government contractors have chosen to call Loudoun their corporate home.

Companies interested in locating in Loudoun can contact Economic Development at 1-(800)-LOUDOUN or visit LoudounPossible.com.

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