Why Overseas Companies Should Open an Office In Loudoun County, Virginia

By December 22, 2015October 25th, 2016Blog, International
Q: Tell us about your international business experience. 

I’ve been working internationally for more than 20 years. I’ve done legal and business development work on six of the seven continents. I brokered deals for Smart Cards in Canada, France, Brazil, and most of the Caribbean; I lived in London for two years, doing import/export compliance and work for multi-nationals. If you’re online in Africa, there’s a good chance that I’m responsible for the routers and servers you’re using. Here in the U.S., during my days at AOL, I ran the program that brought traffic into Digital City from all over the world.

Q: Why is Loudoun a great place for foreign-owned companies?

One of the greatest assets Loudoun County has is Dulles International Airport. There are 25 foreign airlines that fly in and out of Dulles, and it has non-stop, direct flights to almost 50 overseas destinations. This is very important for companies that need to fly their executives or clients to and from the Washington, D.C. area. Dulles Airport makes it quick and easy to conduct business internationally.

In addition to Dulles, Loudoun has a small, executive airport in the Town of Leesburg. A fun fact for me is that we have celebrities who keep private planes and helicopters at the Leesburg airport so they can easily get to their country homes here.

Loudoun also has a Foreign Trade Zone, which offers international companies savings on customs and duties. Plus, there are more than a dozen local international chambers of commerce, and embassies from all over the world only 25 miles away. Virginia is a right-to-work state, with a business-friendly climate and corporate tax rate.

Another great thing about Loudoun is the fact that almost 1/4 of our residents were born outside the U.S. The largest group of foreign-born residents is from the Asian continent, which includes India and Pakistan. In fact, the Asian population in Loudoun has tripled in the last 15 years. There’s also a large percentage of Loudoun residents with German heritage, and an entire town, Lovettsville, that was originally a German settlement.

This means that employees of foreign-owned companies can often find communities here in Loudoun that celebrate the food, culture and traditions of home. It’s easier to move to Loudoun and get used to living in the U.S. when there’s a familiar social group to welcome you!

Q: What else should overseas companies know about Loudoun County?

There’s an old saying: “Everyone likes a winner!” This is how I feel about being part of Loudoun County. Not only is Loudoun one of the fastest-growing counties in the U.S., but we have the highest median household income in the nation! We have one of the most highly educated workforces in America, as well as strong international intern programs.

But there’s something else unique about Loudoun. Even though it’s just 25 miles from Washington, D.C., much of Loudoun’s 520 square miles are rural. We have more than 1,000 farms here, stretching from beautiful mountains in the west to the scenic Potomac River in the east. Our 43 farm wineries and growing craft brewery industry make Loudoun a popular destination for tours and weddings.

I’d love to answer specific questions any business owner may have about expanding their operation to Loudoun County. Please email me or call me at 703-737-8954.

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