Follow the Data to Loudoun County, Virginia

We’ve had the pleasure of working with companies of all sizes in the I.T./telecom/big data arena. Loudoun County, Virginia is one of the best places in America for companies in those industries, for several reasons:

1. Loudoun has one of the highest concentrations of tech workers in the U.S. Having access to our skilled employees ensures that big data companies and I.T./telecom companies can staff their various departments with folks who are trained in cutting-edge technologies and analytics.

2. Loudoun is also home to Data Center Alley, which is mostly centered around Ashburn, Virginia. Loudoun is the No. 1 data center market in America, with the highest concentration of data centers in the world. Up to 70 percent of the world’s Internet traffic flows through Loudoun County data centers each day. Locating near this Internet hub gives companies access to large data storage and processing capabilities.

3. Loudoun is also lucky to have one of the most robust fiber networks in the nation. This allows companies that deal in data and innovation to have the network availability and bandwidth to support their company’s tech needs.

Just look at who’s already here: Raytheon, Verizon Business, Amazon Web Services and Telos, to name a few. These are companies that need massive computing capabilities, not to mention a top-tier tech workforce. They’re here because Loudoun has what they need to maintain their competitive edge.

If your company is looking to locate in Loudoun, I can help you find the right property for your business, as well as help make sure there is fiber access that will suit your needs.

Loudoun also offers a Fast-Track Commercial Incentive Program to qualified companies looking to build. This program can dramatically cut down the time it takes to get a building up and operational.

In addition, I can connect you with local organizations and other companies with similar interests. Getting to know key players in the Loudoun business community helps get your company in front of the right people.

If you’re ready to expand, I’d like to give you the data you need to consider Loudoun as your next location. Please contact Business Development Officer Rick Morris today or call 1-(800)-LOUDOUN.

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