Why Your Staff Will Love Living in Loudoun

Four times in the last 10 years, Loudoun County, Virginia has done a customer satisfaction survey with local residents. The most recent survey showed that an amazing number of respondents believe Loudoun County has a high quality of life: 99 percent!

We asked one long-time resident why Loudoun is such a great place, and why your staff would love to live here. This is what she said.

Shannon Wilson
Then: Teenager
Now: Administrative Manager

Today Loudoun has almost 365,000 residents, but back when you moved here, it only had 57,000. What was it like to grow up in Loudoun County?

I moved to Loudoun County in 1979. As we pulled into the Town of Leesburg, I told my parents that I could not believe they were moving us to the country!

I attended Douglas Elementary School during 5th grade, and found it easy to make friends in the small-town environment. We used to play in an old, abandoned plantation called “Exeter.” The house was used as General Jubal Early’s headquarters during the Civil War.

In my teenage years, there were three options for entertainment: the Tally Ho movie theater, the skating rink, and the bowling alley. Back then, there were only four high schools in the entire county! After graduation, I elected to stay in Loudoun and raise my family here. To me, there is no better place to live.

How have you seen Loudoun change for the better?

There have been a lot of changes over the years! Change has brought new families, new businesses, and new opportunities to Loudoun. Today, children in Loudoun have access to exceptional public schools; young adults have countless options for entertainment; families have their choice of shopping at a huge variety of stores and shopping centers, and they can also spend time at our many beautiful parks, farms, bike/hiking trails and community centers. Businesses can hire a skilled workforce, and the quality of life is, to me, unmatched.

What has it been like for your friends who have owned or started businesses here?

I’m one of many in my generation who chose to raise their families in Loudoun. I’ve had several friends who said they couldn’t wait to get out and see other places, but they too have returned to Loudoun to raise families and start their own businesses. There is one reason, and that’s because the atmosphere in Loudoun makes you feel at home.

Those who are business owners have thrived here in Loudoun, starting out with just one business but now owning multiple businesses, or opening new locations of their existing business. When I talk to them about their success, it makes me proud to work in such a wonderful business-friendly county.

Talk to a CEO who’s deciding whether to move his company to Loudoun. Why will his staff love it here?

If you’re contemplating opening a business in Loudoun, you could not be in better hands! Our Economic Development team and supporting county departments have programs in place to help guide you through from start to finish. Whether your business is big or small, rural or commercial, Loudoun is ready for you!

When it comes to families, we offer the peace and serenity of western Loudoun, which has beautiful farms and quiet communities. Loudoun also has single-family homes, townhomes and condominiums in the eastern side of the county, which features a variety of restaurants, theaters and nightlife venues that put you right in the heart of the action.

Loudoun was recently rated the #1 happiest county in the U.S., and I am not surprised. We have everything you could possibly wish for all right here. Exciting things are happening in Loudoun, so come and see for yourself why the diversity of Loudoun is the perfect fit for your business and your family. Hope to see you soon!

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