Loudoun County Gets Your Building to Market Faster

By October 30, 2015August 27th, 2018Blog, Fast Track
Loudoun County, Virginia has a program called the Fast-Track Commercial Incentive Program. What does this program do?
Loudoun has an engaged and dedicated staff that will get your business up and running faster than any jurisdiction in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Fast-Track is a streamlined review program that helps businesses within targeted industries get approval and start construction in an expedited timeframe.  On average, our Fast-Track projects receive conditional approval within 60 days and are able to start site grading, which shaves up to five to six months of time off of their development schedule.
How does the Fast-Track Program do that?
Businesses are assigned a proactive, solution-oriented project manager to manage the review process, and the Department of Economic Development’s ombudsman assists as well.
How has the Fast-Track Program helped Loudoun businesses?
Since implementation two years ago, the Fast-Track program has processed more than six million square feet of commercial space. Those projects represent more than 2,230 new jobs and more than $1.75 billion in investment.
Can you give examples of Fast-Track projects you’ve worked on?
First Potomac Realty Trust submitted a Fast-Track site plan for 170,000 square feet of space for the General Services Administration.  The plan had multiple, complex elements, but was approved in only 52 days.I-Fly (a company that offers indoor skydiving) used the process, and we are currently working with a new prospect looking to use the process for two million square feet of space.If a company has questions about whether they qualify for the Fast-Track program, what should they do?
They can call us at 1-800-LOUDOUN.

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