Loudoun Welcomes Biogrund, the County’s First Pharmaceutical Company

Loudoun Economic Development has a long history of working with companies across the nation to bring them to the county, and in the past few years that the department’s gaze has gone beyond our borders.

International business attraction is one of our priorities, and the county has seen great success already. More than 80 foreign-owned businesses are located in Loudoun, and in the past year, we’ve gained two international businesses: French company KoDe Software, and Canon Technologies from the U.K.

These companies chose Loudoun over several other jurisdictions, and made a combined investment of over $1 million. On September 10, Loudoun Economic Development and Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York celebrated the ribbon-cutting of our newest foreign-owned business: Germany-based Biogrund. Located in Sterling, their manufacturing facility was built-to-suit by Merritt Properties and marks a $2 million investment in Loudoun.

Biogrund is remarkable because it is the first pharmaceutical company to locate in the county. Life Sciences is an emerging industry in Loudoun, and Biogrund’s decision shows that we’re an excellent location for these types of companies. During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Dr. Felix Specht and Felix Respondek of Biogrund gave a presentation that highlighted some of the reasons they chose Loudoun as their U.S. location.

Proximity played a large factor in their decision, especially our location in the middle of the East Coast. Biogrund already has a customer base in the North and Southeast, so being in the middle allows them to quickly and easily access their customers via car or train. Having Washington Dulles International Airport right in Loudoun also makes it easy for them to travel back and forth between here and their German headquarters.

It was more than just our location that attracted Biogrund to Loudoun, however. Our infrastructure and reasonable tax rate were also cited, and our team was specifically praised for assistance and attentiveness throughout their relocation efforts.

“We’re incredibly excited to have a company of Biogrund’s caliber join our business community here in Loudoun. Their unique and high-quality products will help them quickly establish their U.S. business base. Though they’re the first pharmaceutical company in the county, we have high hopes that they will prove to be the first of many.”

To learn more about Loudoun’s foreign-owned businesses, call 1-(800)-LOUDOUN.

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