French Company KoDe Software to Open Loudoun Office

KoDe Software, a Paris, France-based I.T. company, has announced a Loudoun County, Virginia location for its first U.S. office. The company will launch its North American operations with five staff and an investment of $100,000. It is initially looking to lease office space in the Dulles area.

“We welcome KoDe into Loudoun’s sizzling-hot I.T. community,” said Loudoun Economic Development Director Buddy Rizer. “One of the great things about information, communications and telecom companies is that small businesses can make a huge impact in their industry and often grow very quickly.”

Eric Hifi, CEO of KoDe Software, said that the company considered several locations for their expansion, including sites in France and in other DC-area jurisdictions. The company was looking for accessibility to key clients, strategic partners and markets; the availability of a highly skilled and educated workforce; and a business-friendly climate. “Although Loudoun exceeded our expectations in all those areas, the bottom line is that we chose Loudoun because they made things happen for us. They didn’t just talk a good game; they always did what they said they would do.”

For example, Loudoun’s Interim Business Development Officer Steve Hargan introduced KoDe to the Innovative Solutions Consortium, an organization that builds collaboration among U.S. federal government contractors. Last month KoDe became the first foreign-owned company to win ISC’s “Disruptive Technology Award” for KoDe’s VivaMens product.

“I am pleased that my efforts to have the Board of Supervisors expand our international economic development efforts continue to pay off,” said Scott York, chairman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. “KoDe Software will be our 9th French-owned company, and part of over 80 foreign-owned firms in Loudoun County.”

“As the home of our region’s international airport, international business development is an area of tremendous growth potential for Loudoun County,” said Dulles District Supervisor Matt Letourneau, chairman of the board’s Economic Development Committee. “Loudoun will continue to build on our momentum by aggressively pursuing foreign companies in key sectors in order to create jobs and grow our tax base.”

KoDe is the second European company to choose Loudoun this fiscal year, following BioGrund, a German company. Foreign or domestic businesses seeking information about Loudoun as a business location can call Loudoun Economic Development at (703) 777-0426 or visit For more information on KoDe Software and the VivaMens product, contact KoDe North America’s Marketing Director Susan Zimmer at

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