Want Publicity for Your Business? Try HARO

By July 31, 2013November 4th, 2016Blog, Small Biz
By Rob Williams, IASourceLink

Help a Reporter Out was created to link reporters across the U.S. with experts in a wide variety of fields. As a small business owner, you can join the HARO network for free and receive daily email alerts from reporters looking for sources to complete their news articles (e.g. expert quotes, opinions and feedback).

So what’s the big deal? HARO provides you with an opportunity to potentially secure national media attention!

Help a Reporter Out’s innovative crowdsourcing model received a lot of press when it first launched, including this article from Wired regarding feedback they received from HARO users.

One tip to those of you who wish to get started: select your subscriptions carefully. Users have found the number of HARO emails and alerts can be overwhelming if you oversubscribe. By narrowing your subscriptions, you only receive the most relevant notifications.

You can also use Twitter to follow @HelpAReporter and fan the HARO Facebook page. This may be a better option for those of you who don’t want to overfill your inbox with HARO alerts.

Content adapted from a Sourcelink contribution article by Rob Williams, IASourceLink.