Loudoun, VA offers the FBI a Unique Opportunity for Sustainability

Green practices aren’t just a fad– they make good business sense. Loudoun, Virginia-based companies have been proving that for years, by implementing sustainability efforts both large and small. Whether it’s receiving an energy audit through participation in The Green Business Challenge, or building a LEED-certified facility, Loudoun business owners are finding that the greener their buildings are, the more green they have on the bottom line.

It’s not just private companies that are working to be more sustainable: Both local and national government agencies are also taking steps toward improved environmental sustainability. The FBI is one such agency that is leading the charge. When they built a new field office in Hawaii, they made sure it came equipped with solar panels. The GSA FBI Phoenix Division building is LEED Gold certified and features energy-efficient mechanical systems which provide a 30 percent reduction in energy usage, and the use of low-water plumbing fixtures which achieve a 40 percent reduction in building water usage.

In terms of the new FBI headquarters, Loudoun offers a built-in opportunity for sustainability. Moorefield Station, one of Loudoun’s eight proposed FBI sites, already has the groundwork laid for a unique, environmentally-friendly location.

In 2011, Loudoun County sponsored an Integrated Energy Management Plan for the Moorefield Station site. This extensive study outlines practical ways in which Moorefield Station can go green and become a money-saving location. Prosperity represents the triple bottom-line basis of the approach to the IEMP, and encompasses the following aspects:

  • People – Social/human components including education
  • Planet – Environment
  • Profit – Economic development

The full plan, which is available online, focuses on water, energy, transportation, land use and waste. It offers several specific suggestions, which are covered in great detail. Some of these include:

  • A 10MW renewable energy power plant;
  • A non-potable water system to reduce water consumption and peak demands;
  • The zero energy/water/waste district and long -term business partnership program for Moorefield Station;
  • An opportunity to install 500kW or more of solar photovoltaic panels at Moorefield Station;
  • Dramatic reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions;
  • Significant reduction in county capital and operational expenses.

Moorefield Station sits in a unique location, bordering the Dulles Greenway, near a
power and natural gas infrastructure, and adjacent to Washington-Dulles International Airport, data centers and a Loudoun Water waste water treatment plant. The 600-acre site can easily provide the FBI with room to grow for the next three generations, and still have several hundred acres left over for mixed-use development.

When it comes to the FBI’s commitment to environmental sustainability, Loudoun’s existing infrastructure makes us the logical choice for the new headquarters.

For more information on all of Loudoun’s proposed FBI sites, visit biz.loudoun.gov/fbi.