2013 Signatures of Loudoun Design Excellence Awards Recognize the Best of the Best

It’s a highly-anticipated annual event: The Signatures of Loudoun Design Excellence Awards. This yearly tradition brings together some of Loudoun’s greatest architectural minds, along with other community members and local high school students, to recognize some of the county’s most beautiful and uniquely-designed buildings. The ceremony kicks off as part of the Loudoun Board of Supervisors meeting. The Loudoun Design Cabinet is in attendance, as are the student judges. The audience gets a chance to learn about the architectural significance of each winning building, and then each winner is called up to accept their award and shake hands with each member of the board.

After the official ceremony, attendees are invited down the street to Lightfoot Restaurant, where they enjoy food and listen to the winners speak about their buildings. This positive community event allows for recognition and networking between the people who work hard to make Loudoun beautiful.

A full gallery of the winning building can be viewed on our Signatures of Loudoun Design Excellence Awards photo page, and a full gallery from the ceremony can be viewed on our Facebook page.