It’s a Great Time to Be a Loudoun Entrepreneur

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell declared this “The Year of the Entrepreneur” in Virginia, and he’s not alone. As part of his Startup America Initiative, President Obama called on both the federal government and the private sector to promote entrepreneurship in the U.S.

AOL co-founder Steve Case answered the call and helped create the Startup America Partnership, a privately run non-profit that aims to help young companies succeed, accelerating American job growth.

The partnership helps young companies by focusing on five key areas: Talent, Services, Expertise, Customers and Capital. So far, Startup America has worked with its partners to secure $1 Billion worth of commitments to assist in this endeavor.

Startup America uses its vast resources in the private sector to connect startups with training, mentors, advisors and accelerators as well as access to critical services at reduced costs. They can even assist in recruiting and training employees and acquiring customers. While the partnership isn’t a grant-making entity, they will help find sources of capital available to startups in various regions.

Find out if you qualify for a free membership in the Startup America Partnership, and learn more about the White House’s Startup America Initiative.

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