From Flowers to Cupcakes – Loudon’s Air Cargo Industry

For most people, living near a major airport means little more than more convenient travel options. But for many businesses in Loudoun, Virginia, being in the same county as Washington Dulles International Airport means that they’ll be able expand and thrive.

Georgetown Cupcake is one such business. In 2008, they were Washington, D.C.’s first specialty cupcake shop. In 2010, they had gained enough popularity to warrant an expansion – and that’s where Loudoun came in.

Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne, the sisters who founded Georgetown Cupcake, chose Sterling, VA as the location for their shipping facility because it is their shipping partner, FedEx’s, area hub. This allows their cupcakes to be delivered fresh and on-time to customers all over the country.

Kallinis told the Loudoun Times Mirror, “Loudoun County was extremely easy to work with on all fronts of setting up our shipping bakery and things went very smoothly.” She continued, “Loudoun County is extremely business-friendly and we love our location there. We really did not encounter any challenges or issues.”

Proximity to Dulles isn’t just beneficial for businesses looking to export their products, but for companies who need to import as well.

In February, Ethiopian Airlines delivered it’s first shipment of Hypericum Flowers from Ethiopia. The nearly two tons of flowers went on to fill Valentine’s bouquets across the country. But why Dulles? The answer is simple:

Loudoun is perfectly located for the import/export of perishable goods. Our central East Coast location “is within a days reach of more than 50 percent of the U.S. Market.” We also boast a catchment area that covers 25 states and part of Canada. Add that to the dedicated access road to I-95, and it’s easy to see why air cargo is a booming industry in Loudoun.

When it comes to shipping, it’s all about access. Whether you’re selling cupcakes, flowers, or anything in between, Loudoun and Washington Dulles International Airport have you covered.